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Machine Vision Systems

The Delta Machine Vision System DMV Series was developed to meet demands for industrial automation applications on production lines. The high-speed, intelligent, multitasking DMV series interface is easy to use on the production line. The DMV series features a wide range of visual inspection functions including area inspection, edge position, edge width, edge count, edge angle, stain inspection, blob inspection, pattern search, shape matching, OCV, coordinate calculation, angle calculation, trend edge, auto-alignment, coordinate search and more. Highly precise and integrated, the DMV Series eliminates errors caused by occupational fatigue or carelessness. It detects product defects which are invisible to the human eye, and assembles fine machinery with high precision. The results are increased product quality, lower RMA rates, enhanced production efficiency and savings on labor costs.

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DMV3000G Series

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DMV2000 Series

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DMV1000 System

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Delta Industrial Camera DMV-C Series Teaser

Delta Industrial Camera DMV-C Series

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3D ToF camera DMV-T Series Teaser

3D ToF camera DMV-T Series

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