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High Power Motor Drives

Drives can save an average of 40% of the electricity used by a motor and reduce related CO2 emissions. Since industry accounts for one-third of the world's electricity consumption and electric motors consume 65% of industrial electricity in regions including the EU [1], the use of drives offers substantial potential global energy savings. Industrial enterprises using drives can reduce energy costs, minimize wear on motors and other equipment and reduce maintenance costs. A reliable, high-performance drive such as Delta's MVD1000/MVD2000/MVD3000 medium voltage drive can both increase productivity and save energy.

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MVD1000 Series

Delta’s medium voltage drive is a highly-efficient, compact and reliable energy-saving solution.

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MVD2000 Series

The MVD2000 series is a range of medium voltage variable speed drives for speed and torque control. They are based on advanced frequency-conversion, multilevel inverter technologies and advanced vector control algorithms.

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The MVD3000 Series variable-frequency speed control system is a high-performance product incorporating vector control and energy feedback. It offers accurate speed adjustment and four-quadrant operation, which makes it highly reliable.

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