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About Delta Industrial Automation

Since the debut of our AC motor drive in 1995, Delta continues to develop our industrial automation business, providing superior quality, reliability and precision. Our range of complete smart manufacturing solutions covers equipment automation, automated production line design and integration, equipment IIoT and data collection, as well as manufacturing management / monitoring and preventive maintenance to maximize productivity and stabilize production. Delta applies AI and big data analysis to optimize production processes and implement digitalization for equipment, production lines and energy usage. With automation products, software, and system solutions integrated into an all-in-one digitalized smart manufacturing model of factory, processes, and equipment, Delta provides numerous production models, including customized, small volume and wide variety, and mass production for customers on a global scale.

With robust R&D capability and abundant industry experience, Delta offers industrial automation products and solutions that find application in a broad range of industries, including electronics, components, photoelectric panels and food & beverages. We are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable smart, green manufacturing solutions for global customers, keeping our promise of “Digitized Automation for a Changing World”.

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Headquarter: Delta Electronics (Netherlands) B.V.

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Other locations in the EMEA region

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