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Industrial Power Supplies

In automated production, the power supply is the component most in need of high stability and safety protection. The DIN rail-mounted DVP and CliQ series and the panel-mounted PMC/PMT models are highly efficient and stable industrial power supplies. Delta Electronics, the global leader in power and thermal management solutions, possesses unsurpassed experience in professional design and power supplies.

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1617 DINRAIL

DIN Rail

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1618 Panel Mount

Panel Mount

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1619 Open Frame

Open Frame

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1620 LED Driver

LED Driver

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1622 Modules


  • Buffer Modules
  • Redundancy Modules
  • DC-UPS Module
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