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Text Panel Human Machine Interfaces

The Text Panel is a monochrome text and graphical panel which visualises human and machine interaction. It converts a wide range of program codes into text for graphical display on the Text Panel.

Delta Text Panel is renowned as being simple to use and to control. The series supports various communication protocols. It is lightweight, cost-effective and offers rapid, flexible system control and greater working efficiency.


Display Sizes up to 3.8"

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1263 TP02G-AS1

TP02G-AS1 - Two Lines, 2.8"

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1264 TP04G-AS2

TP04G-AS2 - Four Lines, 3"

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1265 TP08G-BT2

TP08G-BT2 - 8 Lines, 3.8"

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Display Size 4.1"

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element TP04G-ALC-AL2


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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1270 TP04-BL-C


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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1271 TP04P

TP04P with built-in PLC

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TP Series

The TP70P Series has a 65535-color LCD touchscreen. It supports all Delta controllers and saves on wiring costs. It can connect to all Delta AC servo drives, AC motor drives, and temperature controllers. Four models, each with different I/O configurations and supporting various output types, make the TP70P series highly flexible. The TP70P Series is the optimum HMI and I/O control solution.

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element TP70P


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