DMV1000 System

The Delta Machine Vision System DMV1000 Series is a user-friendly interface for image processing. It captures images via the IEEE 1394 digital camera with 400Mbps high-speed transmission capacity. The built-in high-speed image processing system then simulates inspection functions including area detection, edge position, distance, counting, angle, stain, blob, comparing, OCV, coordination and edge angle, meeting the requirements for a variety of visual inspection applications.

The DMV1000 Series features smart image processing and also supports various I/O input and output interfaces for connecting external sensors, triggering light sources, cameras, data links and more, to reduce hardware installation costs. The DMV1000 Series supports the most frequently-used industrial communication protocols, including RS-232, RS-485, industrial Ethernet and I/O communication interfaces to transmit inspection data and results quickly and precisely to the master controller. The DMV1000 series also includes accessories including cameras, lenses, light sources and more, enabling users to construct highly-precise, flexible, network-based machine vision systems.




System Configuration



System Components

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1593 DMV1000-80GX Controller

DMV1000-80GX Controller

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1594 DMV1000-Key

DMV1000 Keypad

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1595 DMV1000-Cameras


800,000-pixel camera

300,000-pixel camera

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1596 DMV1000-Cable


4.5m 1394b Cable DMV-CA45

1m 1394b Trigger Cable DMV-CA10T

Light Sources

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1599 Coaxial


DMV-CX40W (Coaxial white light )

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1600 Direct Ring

Direct Ring

DMV-DR6736R (Red)
DMV-DR6736W (White)
Diffusion board: DMV-DR6736D (Diffusion)

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1601 Back light

Back light

DMV-BL60R (White)

BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 1602 Power Supply

Power Supply

DMV-PS12C1 (Power Supply) 

Industrial Lenses

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