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IED-S Series

The IED-S Series offers an integrated elevator drive and control solution which inherits Delta advanced vector control technologies and provides precise control of both IM & PM motors for a safe and smooth ride.

Its built-in elevator control technology and smart design minimizes the time and space required for installation and adjustment.

The IED-S Series complies with international safety standards (UL/CE) to ensure elevator passenger safety. Its compact design is durable and supports versatile encoding types. With the optional Active Front End AFE2000 Series and the Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 Series, the IED-S enables power regeneration and energy-savings, offering an optimal elevator drive control solution.


•            Field oriented vector control for accurate elevator operation control

•            Overload capability: 150% for 60 seconds; 180% for 10 seconds

•            Emergency power supply (EPS) mode

•            Group control of up to 8 elevators without additional control cards, up to 63 floors

•            Direct Landing provides a comfortable ride with higher efficiency

•            All models up to 30 kW are offered with a built-in brake module

•            Built-in Modbus/CAN bus communication interface

•            Optional accessories LCD keypad and PC software for tuning are available upon purchase


All types of MR/MRL elevator systems for high-speed elevators, residential elevators, freight elevators, and commercial elevators


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