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HVAC Solutions

Air-conditioning systems consist of three main elements - air, chilled water and cooling water. To achieve the desired cooling effect, traditional machines need to be quite large and they take up a lot of space. The costs at the preliminary design stage are high. Equally high are running costs, as these air conditioning systems operate at low load conditions. Designers of air-conditioning systems have not traditionally taken energy savings into account. Potentials such as overall system balance, control settings and adjustments have been ignored and so systems operate inefficiently over a long period of time. Put simply, to operate efficiently, a traditional air-conditioning system would take up more space than is available. The result is wasted energy due to an inability to reduce energy consumption in accordance with reductions in indoor heating and cooling loads.

Delta Industrial Automation has the answer. Our energy-saving air-conditioning solution uses Delta's programmable logic controller (PLC) and Delta's variable torque AC motor drives, which are specially designed for medium and high-HP fan and pump applications. They can be used in air conditioning, chillers, cooling towers and ice storage systems. They detect temperature and humidity changes and use timer and operational controls to adapt operation to demand. Now, comfortable indoor air quality is compatible with energy-efficiency.