DPM-D520I Series

Delta's Din-rail Multifunction Power Meter (CT included) DPM-D520I supports a power load capacity of up to 63A. It is suitable for equipment and sectors where installation space is limited.

  • Offers precise measurement of various electrical energy values and power quality parameters including power factor, harmonics, and current / voltage unbalance. Also provides off-limit alarms and history log functions
  • Supports alert setting, auto meter setting and hourly electricity calculation
  • Multi-rate meter, record saving, and default max. / min. value setting
  • Eco-mode meter and parameter-group setting
  • Supports MODBUS protocols, suitable for SCADA and energy management systems, factory and building automation systems and sectors where power quality is critical

Features & Benefits

Parameter Grouping Function

  • All electricity data can be combined as a parameter group that allows access for master controllers (including PLCs, SCADA and EMS). This function reduces reading time as well as enhances real-time data accessibility of the master controllers
  • Combines several discontinuous register addresses to one continuous address, reducing commands to achieve high-efficiency data acquisition of the master controllers (SCADA and PLC)

Energy Measurement and Alarm History

  • The DPMSoft management software monitors real-time electricity data, and can easily export all history logs
  • Offers energy history logs saved for up to 2 months, and with up to 17 electricity parameters based on various time intervals (example: 17 electricity parameters, 5 minute time intervals for 2 months). Built-in 29 alarm events with up to 500 alert history logs

Auto Meter Function

  • Automatically settles monthly energy consumption (with built-in real-time calendar)
  • Adopts a built-in date selected register that records active / reactive energy within two individual month intervals. Matched with remote communication control or energy management systems, the DPM-C520I can analyze monthly active / reactive energy, multi-rate meter calculation, and conditions of energy usage

 Multi-meter Function

  • Acquires the power company multi-rate table recorded in the power meters
  • Calculates multi-rate power cost to analyze electricity data, improving energy-saving efficiency


The DPM-D520I has a built-in CT for currents below 65A. It is suitable for: industrial machines, communication base stations, IIoT equipment where space is limited.

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