DPM-C520 Series

Delta’s Standard Multifunction Power Meter DPM-C520 is a 3-phase high-precision smart power meter. It is capable of metering electricity data from multiple factories and is designed for installation on electric panels.

  • Measures electrical parameters and harmonics                                
  • Supports alert and parameter-group settings
  • Supports MODBUS protocol, suitable for control system applications, SCADA systems, and energy management & monitoring systems

Features & Benefits

High-precision Power Quality and Electricity Parameter Measurement   

  • High-precision Class 0.5S bidirectional energy and electricity parameter measurement, complies with IEC 62053 and CNS 14607 criteria
  • Supports power quality measurement of total / individual harmonic distortion and current / voltage unbalance

Large LCD Screen

  • Adopts a 4” large LCD screen more advanced than competing brands that supports clear reading and display of English (capital and lowercase letters)

Parameter Grouping Function

  • All electricity data can be combined as a parameter group that allows access for master controllers (including PLCs, SCADA and EMS). This function reduces reading time as well as enhances real-time data accessibility of the master controllers
  • Combines several discontinuous register addresses to one continuous address, reducing commands to achieve high-efficiency data acquisition of the master controllers (SCADA and PLC)

Simple Installation and Operation

  • The DPM-C520 adopts fixing clips on both sides of the meter for easy installation without requiring tools and screws
  • Supports the MODBUS protocol. All parameters can be transmitted to the master controllers via the built-in RS-485 communication interface


The DPM-C520 is suitable for: energy management, medium or low voltage distribution systems, smart switch cabinets, factory automation systems, building automation systems, railway energy management systems, electric heating systems, wind power systems, energy storage systems, electric grid measurement, and energy quality analysis.

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