ASDA-MS Series


The ASDA-MS Series integrates the robot controller and 4 servo drive axes into one unit to perform mathematical calculations, smooth track planning, and loop control. This greatly enhances real-time system calculation. The design meets the demands of the complex non-linear systems typical of industrial robots and realizes dynamic compensation to achieve high-speed and high-precision.

The ASDA-MS Series supports the five programming languages of the IEC61131-3 standard and PLCopen motion function blocks. Delta Robot Languages (DRL) for robotic program development enables customers to develop customized functions and programs for different types of industrial application.

The ASDA-MS Series can be expanded to 6 axes of servo motion control using the high-speed DMCNET communication network developed by Delta. DMCNET offers high flexibility and reliability for small-scale motion systems.

The ASDA-MS Series integrates peripheral devices (such as machine vision systems, sensors, and central computers) through various communication interfaces. It matches extension axes via high-speed motion BUS such as MODBUS and MODBUS TCP to build complete industrial robot solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrates robot controller and 4 axes of servo drives in one single unit with high flexibility and reliability
  • Up to 10 axes motion control (4-axis robot + 6 external axes). Timely exchange of information for the controller and servo drive for real-time motion control
  • Supports the IEC 61131-3 standard for five kinds of programming languages
  • Offers Delta Robot Languages (DRL) for developing robot application programs
  • Supports G-code programming for path planning for greater application flexibility
  • Supports various communication interfaces for easy integration into existing systems


  • Cartesian robots
  • SCARA robots
  • Articulated robots
  • Delta robots
  • Other industrial robots


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