AFE2000 Series

Active Front End (AFE) is a controllable rectifier. Advantages include bidirectional power exchange between AC and DC power and redirection of reusable power to the mains to reduce energy costs. The AFE uses PWM modulation to reduce current peaks and form smooth sinusoidal current. With power factor correction, the ratio between load capacity and power capacity is 1:1. The AFE eliminates high order harmonics and provides very low harmonic current, THD<5%, while improving the power factor, so you save on the cost of purchasing additional electrical equipment for better power quality. The AFE offers stable power quality unaffected by mains power fluctuations and is serial connection-compatible.

Building on years of experience in AC motor drive development, Delta introduces the innovative AFE2000. This unit is designed for a wide range of applications and it achieves outstanding energy savings. Rather than dissipating excess heat into the air, the AFE2000 converts it into reusable power that can be fed back to the mains. The AFE2000 is yet another Delta product that contributes to improving efficiency and productivity and that fulfills our mission "to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow".



  • Energy saving with AC/DC dual power flow control and corrects power factor up to 99%.
  • Replaces traditional braking resistor for cost savings, space savings, and energy savings.
  • PWM control substantially reduces peak of harmonic current wave and forms perfect sine wave current.
  • IEEE STD.519–1992 standard for harmonic current distortation of less than 5%.
  • Constant DC bus voltage that is not influenced by mains voltage fluctuation.
  • Supports multiple DC bus installation.
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