REG2000 Series: Re-Use regenerative Energy

When handling inertia loads, a traditional drive system generally performs rapid deceleration, braking and positioning actions. In generator mode, the motor produces regenerative energy which must be dissipated to maintain a stable DC bus voltage and safe operation. The traditional solution to the regenerative energy problem is to install a brake resistor. This is easy to install and is low cost but it takes up a lot of space and requires the installation of additional devices to dissipate the heat. This method provides limited efficiency and the regenerative energy is wasted.

Delta's REG2000 series collects your system's regenerative energy and converts it into reusable electricity which means major energy savings. The REG2000 is as simple to install as a brake resistor, but is only half the size and offers better efficiency. The REG2000 is your best green energy solution for power regeneration.


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