The MVD2000 series is a range of medium voltage variable speed drives for speed and torque control. They are based on advanced frequency-conversion, multilevel inverter technologies and advanced vector control algorithms. The MVD2000 is a cost-effective modular and configurable solution. It is efficient and reliable and can be used in many industrial applications. Simple installation requirements, easy operation and maintenance make the MVD2000 the drive of choice across industrial segments that require energy savings or speed control for constant torque loads over the operating speed range.

MVD2000 delivers high-performance control accuracy using vector control. It provides dynamic responses to load fluctuation and high torque at low speeds, including during motor start-up.

Offers encoder-less and sensor-less vector control options. Speed sensors are installed depending on actual application conditions. Even without speed sensors, the system provides fast dynamic responses and high output torque when the motor is running at low speed.



Power generation coal mills, blower fans, and water pumps.
Metallurgy conveyor belts, positive displacement pumps, fans, and water pumps.
Mining crushers, conveyor belts, PD pumps, fans and water pumps.
Oil & Gas compressors, PD pumps, centrifugal pumps, fans and water pumps.
Cement & Materials crushers, mixers, extruders, rotary kilns, drying furnaces, fans and water pumps.
Sugar & Ethanol mills, pumps, and fans.
Municipal works water supply pumps, sewage pumps, heat network pumps.



Advanced Technologies

  • Advanced vector control algorithms with and without speed sensors to enhance motor control performance.
  • Advanced auto tuning of motor parameters to improve the stability of the vector control.
  • DC current braking injection.
  • Power loss ride through, and synchronous transfer for single or several motors.
  • Coordination and control of masterslave variable frequency inverters to meet load sharing application requirements.
  • Use of phase-shift multi-pulse input transformer to decrease the input grid current harmonics and meet the IEEE 519-1992 requirements.
  • Use of cascaded multilevel inverter technologies to deliver nearly sinusoidal output voltage waveforms, meeting motor drive requirements for long-distance cables.


Enhanced Process & Quality Control

  • Capability to produce large output torque at low speeds and during motor startup, increasing speed response and control accuracy within motor torque limits.
  • Integrated PID controller for precise control on flow, pressure or other process variable.
  • Control operation under temporary input power loss and capability to restart automatically after grid fault and recovery.
  • Advanced protection functions such as motor stall and output fault to ground.
  • Friendly customer interface for easy system integration with customer’s process.


Control and Monitoring Functions

  • Speed command (rpm)
  • Operating speed (rpm)
  • Input/output power, current, voltage
  • Accumulated running time
  • MVD status
  • System bypass switches and user breaker status
  • Programmable analog I/Os
  • Alarms and faults
  • Event recording


Lower Cost of Ownership

  • System efficiency is higher than 98%, which decreases system operating costs (excluding phaseshift transfomer).
  • Optimized blower and water pump operations to ensure energysaving and shorten the investment recovery period.
  • Integration of input transformer allows three-cable-in-three-cableout reduced installation engineering effort.
  • Smooth speed control decreases mechanical stress, elminates pipe-hammer effect and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Multilevel output voltage and controlled starting currents reduce motor stress.
  • Synchronous transfer switchgear cabinet for soft starter applications for single or multiple motors.


Protection Functions

  • Over-current protection
  • Over-load protection
  • Transformer high-temperature alarm & over-temperature protection
  • MVD over-temperature protection
  • Under-voltage & over-voltage protection
  • Motor over-load protection (external protection relay connection)
  • Cooling fan abormal alarm
  • Cabinet door open protection
  • Cabinet pressure alarm
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Input/output phase loss protection
  • Communication failure protection
  • Output grounding protection
  • Motor stall alarm/protection
  • Motor reverse rotation alarm/ protection
  • Over-speed and under-speed alarm/protection


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