ME300 Series

Delta‘s ME300 Series is a new-generation compact vector control drive. It combines Delta’s superior drive technology with a 60% reduction in size. It supports both IM and PM motors for greater efficiency and flexibility and has various essential functions built in as standard to cut down on extra costs and speed up installation as well as, e.g. the STO (Safe Torque Off) option.

With user-friendly operation, ultra-compact size, quick installation, and flexible, durable design, the ME300 is your key to increased market-competitiveness and greater success.


  • Supports IM / PM motors and VF / SVC open loop control
  •     Dual rating design:
    • - 120% for 60 seconds for Normal Duty (ND)
    • - 150% for 60 seconds for Heavy Duty (HD)
  •     Up to 200% rated starting torque at 0.5 Hz
  •     2 sets of motor parameters for multi-motor control
  •     Supports high speed pulse and PWM signal input for simple close loop
  •     Built-in single / multi-pump function
  •     Built-in brake choppers for the entire series
  •     Optional built-in EMC filter for 1-phase 230V (C2), 3-phase 460V (C3) models
  •     Optional built-in Safe Torque Off (SIL2/PLd)
  •     100% PCB coating for circuit (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2) and thermal design for harsh environment