Delta’s Standard Multifunction Pressure Sensor DPA Series detects positive and negative pressures. The DPA has 6 industry-standard pressure units. Its 3-color LED display can be configured by the user according to actual demand. It has optional output control modes including NPN, PNP, analog voltage and current. The fast parameter-copy function makes it easy to copy parameters to other DPA pressure sensors, which saves on time spent setting the same parameter over and over again. The energy-saving mode saves more than 20% on total electricity consumption. The safety control mode prevents site staff from setting parameters that affect the operation of the equipment and production line. The DPA pressure sensor can be used in the mechanical processing, food packaging, electronic components, solar energy, semiconductor and automatic assembly industries.



Delta's new-generation slimline pressure sensor is small, lightweight and flexible in terms of installation. The DPA features high measurement accuracy, excellent stability, high shock and vibration resistance, good overload capacity, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It is compatible with all Delta industrial automation products for the hi-tech electronics, general processing, food packaging and automatic assembly industries.





Mechanical processing industry, solar energy industry, food packaging industry, semiconductor industry, automatic assembly industry, electronic component assembly and production, TFT, machine arm, PCB, CD manufacturing.

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