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Delta to Launch DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite and Showcase Complete Automation Product Portfolio at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg
13 December 2019

Delta to Launch DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite and Showcase Complete Automation Product Portfolio at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg

Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, will officially launch its new integrated engineering software DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite along with a broad range of advanced automation products at this year’s SPS—Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg, Germany. The DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite provides an all-in-one platform for selecting models, programming (IEC61131-3 standard), and setting up PLCs, HMIs, drives, and more to enable effective, time-efficient machinery systems development. In addition to this new software, Delta will also be exhibiting its industrial power supplies and automation products, including the new DMV3000G-series machine vision system which supports up to two cameras with GigE interfaces for precise color, shape, position inspection, quality assurance, and other critical tasks for smart equipment and production lines.

“This year’s SPS in Nuremberg is very exciting because we’re unveiling a new software suite that is going to save users mountains of time designing automation systems in factory settings all over the world. The great thing about the DIAStudio software is that it puts detailed technical information on Delta products right at the engineer’s fingertips and allows them to use it seamlessly in the engineering process. You can literally click together the desired Delta products and their parameters, then send all that data on to your CAD software. We’re also exhibiting our line of cutting-edge machine vision products that are used on production lines in conjunction with robots.” said Patrik Hug, Senior Director of Industrial Automation for Delta in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite is an all-in-one engineering software designed to save time and simplify the machine setup process. Tasks such as product selection (including Delta HMIs, PLCs, servo drives, and AC motor drives), PLC programming, quantitative parameter setting, machine tuning, and HMI integration can all be executed seamlessly with the following DIAStudio tools:
• DIASelector is an application for PCs and Android mobile devices that allows the user to select specific components of the machine system.
• DIADesigner picks up after a few intermediate steps in the engineering process have been completed.
• DIAScreen then lets users share tags between PLCs and HMIs or text panels to complete the operation interface.

For advanced engineering and integration of industrial equipment, Delta will showcase various automation products and industry-specific solutions including:
• DMV3000G-series machine vision system: Delta offers a broad portfolio of machine vision products that are ideal for specific automation applications. The DMV3000G series is a multi-tasking machine vision system. It features built-in image inspection tools and supports up to two cameras with GigE interface for precise measurement / inspection of colors, dimensions, shapes, stains, barcodes, characters, and position, as well as quality assurance checks and many applications for smart equipment and production lines.
• Compact M300-series vector control drives: Delta's M300 series represents the latest generation of compact vector control drives. This series includes the high-performance MH300 series with output frequencies of up to 2,000 Hz and built-in, 10k-step PLC functions; the standard MS300 series with output frequencies up to 1,500 Hz, and the IP66 models for applications in harsh environments. The basic ME300 series supports pulse/PWM input as frequency command and multi-pump control capability. All 300-series units are compact, support PM motors, and have built-in safe torque off (STO) functions.
• The multi-pump control & drive solution comes with a demo, which adopts only one CP2000-series fan/pump vector control drive to control four water pumps simultaneously. It simulates real-world water treatment and HVAC system applications and performs multi-pump drive / pump operation in sequence thanks to the built-in PLC features of the CP2000 series and various fan/pump control modes for up to eight devices.
• The machining center solution for woodworking performs precise cutting, engraving and other processing with a PC-based CNC controller and the new Industrial Motion Platform (IPM) as core control. This solution is highly integrated with AC servo drives, remote I/O modules, and motor drives based on EtherCAT.
Delta’s industrial power supply products will also be showcased, featuring:
• The CliQ M Sil3 level of DIN rail power supplies: Compliant with SIL3 EN61508 and IEC/EN 61000-3-2, class A, the CliQ M series can provide a 150% power boost for around five seconds. Major applications include safety system instrumentation and process automation in the oil & gas industry.
Ÿ• DIN Rail Lyte 75W~480W: Equipped with many essential features and a constant output design, the Lyte series is ideal for general industrial control cabinet applications and certified to industrial safety standards according to CCC, UL508, IEC60950-1 etc.
Ÿ• PMT2 series panel mount power supplies: At less than 30 mm high, the PMT 2 series are low-profile power supplies ranging from 35W to 350W and can operate under a wide range of working temperatures from -30°C to 70°C. They are suitable for machinery, factory automation, and household electrical appliances.
Ÿ• MEG configurable power supplies: The MEG-A series features high efficiencies and high power densities of up to 27W/in3 and can be configured by three types of modules with maximum outputs of 240W, 300W, and 1200W, respectively. The series offer four types of power frames that can accommodate from one to nine slots depending on the selected power module(s) to create power outputs from 16.5W to 3000W. The output voltage can be configured up to 60V by GUI interface through USB communication (PMbus/RS232/RS485). This means users can focus on the end device design instead of developing the power supply by themselves, consequently increasing product development efficiency and achieving faster time-to-market.
SPS 2019 visitors can learn more about Delta automation products and solutions for “Smart Manufacturing for a Changing World” at booth 218 in Hall 3 from November 26 to 28 in Nuremberg, Germany.