AH Series - Hot Swappable Midrange PLC

AH Series PLC is an automation solution for high-level applications. The system of modular hardware, advanced function and highly-integrated software is ideal for process control applications. It has various function blocks (FB), excellent price/performance and an abundant selection of extension modules. The AH Series PLC facilitates high-speed, high-precision multi-axis motion control via motion networks such as EtherCAT. Its exceptional system expansion capability also greatly reduces system costs for a broad range of applications.



  •  32-bit dual-core multitasking processor
  •  Excellent program execution speed: LD: 20ns
  •  Max. I/O:
    • DIO: Max. 4,352 points
    • AIO: Max. 544 channels
    • RIO: Max. 125,440 digital points/3,920 analog channels
  •  Program capacity: Max. 1M steps (4MB)
  •  Data register (D+L): 512k words
  •  CPU with built-in fully isolated RS-232 / 422 / 485 ports, Mini USB port, Ethernet port and SDHC card slot (compatible with the memory cards on the market)
  •  Abundant selection of AIO modules, DIO modules, temperature modules, network modules, pulse-train and DMCNET motion control modules


Modularized Hardware Structure and Highly Integrated Software

  • 5 programming languages
  • 2 local extension racks
  • Redundant system and hot-swapping function ensure non-stop system operation for improved maintainability
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